“Who or What is Travel Panda?”


Travel Panda is a website that is working to provide you with the best and most helpful information on tourism in East Asia.  So far we have nearly 200 articles on all of the most popular attractions in 5 different countries and we are adding new ones every day.  These countries include China, Japan, Mongolia, South Korea, and Taiwan, but we also talk about other Asian countries in our “Panda Picks” section.  Currently we have a select few travel experts who live in the areas trying to give the best information they can, but the vast majority of the articles are being written by the founder of Travel Panda, Chris Allison.

*Travel Panda is certainly open to the idea of taking on more travel experts, if you are interested please contact us.


Our Products?


Travel apps and books have always been something of a disappointment. Books typically give thousands of great recommendations, but are mainly text based and hard to sort through. Apps are often free and picture heavy, but turn out to be nearly useless. Travel Panda decided to change all that by making a picture and information heavy guide app that would give you step by step picture directions in an itinerary that is sure to please almost any traveler.

Tokyo Guide About

Our first guide app takes you on a five day journey through Tokyo. In this app you have dozens of attractions to choose from, and with each attraction you get some historic background, highlights of things to look for while there, a map, and even picture directions to get you there. You can either follow our five day itinerary to see the very best of the city, or choose individual attractions from the sights section. There are also five different side trips to choose from if you feel like getting out of the city.

On top of our itinerary, the Complete Guide to Tokyo comes fitted with our Japanese Menu Aid to help you order food, budget information, and even subway maps. This really is the ultimate guide to Tokyo.

JMA About

Don’t want a guide? Just want to show up and figure things out on your own? Trust me, we totally understand. However, it doesn’t matter how adventurous you are, if you cannot speak Japanese, you will have difficulty ordering the food you want to eat. That’s why we created the Japanese Menu Aid. This picture menu lets you communicate with the waiter or waitress without having to even speak a word. Just choose from the dozens of dishes we have in our menu and show the waiter or waitress. If that restaurant has that particular dish, they will press the green button and the food will be ordered. If not, they will press the red button and you simply have to choose another dish.

Simple to use, and great for keeping you well fed and happy during your time in Japan.

Our Goal?


To inspire. That’s it. Nothing outlandish like create the best travel site the internet has ever seen. That’s just not going to happen. However, we here at Travel Panda want to inspire as many people as possible to become passionate about travel, particularly to East Asia. We love it here, and want you to visit.

Now we know that it can be tough. It can be expensive, there is a language barrier, and you might not even have a clue what you should see or eat. Those issues exist, and there is no easy way around them. We that, along with inspiration, we can also provide information to help you deal with these barriers. It won’t be easy, but together we can build a dream vacation in East Asia.

That’s our goal.


Where to get started?

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