Japanese Cooking Classes: Eat Osaka

Anyone who has been to Osaka knows to come hungry. The city is known for being the culinary capital of Japan, and for good reason. Osaka has so many must eat treats, that it is hard leaving the city having not gained a few pounds. You will find yourself flying home thinking not of the sights, but rather the delicious foods you have been stuffing your face with. Good times right?

Then the realization hits. You may not ever get the chance to taste the deliciousness again.

This is where Eat Osaka has got your back. They realize the food in Osaka is OISHI, and that you are going to want to eat it again. That is why the team over at Eat Osaka has set up daily cooking lessons to make sure you leave with the skills to make some Osaka specialties back home.


Eat Osaka offers two types of classes. Both classes range between 2-3 hour lessons, cost ¥6,500, and can be arranged for either lunch or dinner, however, the course’s contents could not be more different.

In the Home Cooking class you will be taught how to make a Japanese styled three course meal. First, you will make three seasonal side dishes including dashimaki, a traditional omelet. Next you will make miso soup, a staple in any Japanese meal. Finally, you will put together a Japanese rice burger by making grilled rice balls, gingered pork, and shiso leaves. Delicious!

In the Osaka Street Food course, you will learn how to prepare some of Osaka’s more famous festival foods. You will start by grilling up some yakitori (chicken kabobs). While the chicken and onions grill, you will learn how to make udon noodles from scratch. The noodles will be served Osaka Style meaning that it will be topped with fried tofu. Finally, you will get to put together the ever popular, okonomiyaki on chopsticks. The okonomiyaki will be filled with pork, a fried egg, bonito, a special sauce, and served on chopsticks.


After the lessons are finished, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the food in Eat Osaka’s traditional styled house. Before you leave, you will be given the recipes so that you can take what you learned, and share it with your friends and family back home. Pretty perfect right?

If you want to share your Japanese experiences with your loved ones, forget the souvenirs and learn how to make some authentic Osaka style dishes.

Sign up for a cooking class today!


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